AUF DER SUCHE NACH ISOLDE / SEARCHING FOR ISOLDE (AT, DE, SI, AR 2015; D: Barbara Windtner), photo credit: WanderSis Films
Director: Barbara Windtner, 70 min. Director Barbara Windtner sets out together with the dancer Ulrike Hager in search of the choreographer Isolde Klietmann, a dance pioneer in the inter-war period in Linz. From Maribor to Linz and Vienna and then all the way to Argentina, they follow the traces of the  ...

Opening Film: EVDEKI SES - 22m² Österreich (AT 2015) – World Premiere

EVDEKI SES - 22m² Österreich (AT 2015; D: Ufuk Serbest), photo credit: Peligro
Director: Ufuk Serbest, 62 min. Director Ufuk Serbest gives a voice to Turkish migrant women of the first generation. When the first so-called guest workers came to Austria from Turkey over forty years ago, their wives and families gradually followed. Three women, representative for many, speak out in t ...

Opening Film: SCHASTYE MOE / MY JOY (DE, UA, NL 2010) – Tribute-Opener

SCHASTYE MOE / MY JOY (DE, UA, NL 2010; D: Sergei Loznitsa), photo credit:
Director: Sergei Loznitsa, 127 min Sergei Loznitsa, Tribute guest 2015, was invited to the official competition of the International Film Festival of Cannes in 2010 with his first full-length feature film SCHASTYE MOE / MY JOY, so that the already acclaimed and prize-winning documentary filmmaker was no ...

Opening Film: THE VISIT (DK, AT, IE, FI, NO 2015) – Austrian Premiere

THE VISIT (DK, AT, IE, FI, NO 2015;  D: Michael Madsen), photo credit: Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion
Director: Michael Madsen, 90 min.  Michael Madsen’s current documentary film, which premiered in Sundance in January, sketches an image of the potential encounter between humanity and intelligent life from outer space. There are no little green men to be found here, though. Instead, the viewers  ...

Opening Film: WELP / CUB (BE 2014) – Austrian Premiere

WELP / CUB (BE 2014; D: Jonas Govaerts), photo credit: Kinology
Director: Jonas Govaerts, 85 min In his debut film WELP / CUB the young Belgian director Jonas Govaerts sends a handful of boy scouts – children and their young supervisors – on an excursion into a uncanny forest. A cruel creature is said to live there: only the outsider Sam notices that there is so ...

First Highlights from the Program Sections European Panorama, Working Worlds and Architecture & Society

MÜLHEIM – TEXAS. HELGE SCHNEIDER HIER UND DORT (DE 2015; D: Andrea Roggon), photo credit: AMA FILM GmbH
Over the course of six festival days, from 23 to 28 April 2015, Festival Director Christine Dollhofer presents about 160 hand-picked European feature films, documentaries and short films from 45 countries in about 180 programs – including numerous premieres and internationally acclaimed films pres ...

New Festival Trailer CINÉMA VARIÉTÉ

CROSSING EUROPE Festivaltrailer 2015: CINÉMA VARIÉTÉ by Katharina Gruzei - film still
CROSSING EUROPE pleased to announce that the new Festival Trailer (in cooperation with OK | Offenes Kulturhaus Upper Austria and the Energie AG Upper Austria) will be made by the young media artist Katharina Gruzei (*1983). Entitled “cinéma variété” (cinema of variety/diversity and/or in referenc ...