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Future Days

Future Days

A wedding present, shot on one day, edited the next - a "classical" no-budget-movie.

At the end of the film there is this piece "Petit fleur" by Chris Barber on the soundtrack, and the bride sits there nervously playing with her fingers in rhythm with the music. That fits incredibly well and the whole sequence is unedited. It fascinated me that a syncronicity emerged over a longer period of time that was not pre-planned. In the beginning of the film, too, as the rhythm of the music of CAN sets in, cars start to crowd the image. (Peter Braatz)

Tribute 2005

Peter Braatz

Germany 1983
U-Matic von Betamax/BetaSP, Farbe
16 minutes

Peter Braatz, Stefanie de Jong
Peter Braatz
CAN, Chris Barber, Gottfried Böttger & Lonzo Westphal

World Sales

Taris Filmproduktion