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Why A Film About These People

Why A Film About These People

Thomas Heise‘s second exercise in directing at the Konrad Wolf Film Academy: a short documentary film project about the career of two petty criminal brothers in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. The mother is divorced, the father missing; problems getting into the profession, large quantities of alcohol, at the edge of society due to milieu. It became clear that this was the wrong life for an East German academy film, at the latest when it was submitted for assessment. A screening was only achieved with great difficulty. After five minutes it was interrupted „due to technical problems“. The film was never shown again in public in East Germany, Heise‘s further film projects were prevented. In 1982 he left the film academy without graduating.

Panorama Specials 2006

Thomas Heise

German Democratic Republic 1980
16mm (BetaSP), Schwarzweiß
32 minutes

Dagmar Mundt

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