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Baltic Way

Baltic Way

The climax of the “Singing Revolution”: On August 23, 1989, the 50th anniversary of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, a human chain was formed between the three Baltic capitals by people demonstrating for independence from the Soviet Union with candles, prayers and songs. Stonys and Matelis documented the events in contemplative camera pans, filming the rising sun, vibrating bells and solemn faces in black and white. “We wanted to document the first breaths taken in freedom. Today these images have a melancholic effect as well. Many of these people could not achieve real independence, and perhaps we have also grasped in the meantime that the moment of brotherhood eventually comes to an end.” (A. Stonys)


Tribute 2008

Audrius Stonys & Arunas Matelis

Lithuania 1990
10 minutes

R. Damulis, S. Griškevicius, J. Martonis, A. Petraits, Z. Pomecka, Z. Putilovas


Lietuvos Kino Studija
Nemencines pl. 4, 10102 Vilnius, Litauen