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Mist of Mists

Mist of Mists

A film essay about ageing, made in cooperation with the Finnish state broadcaster YLE, Lithuanian television and arte France. Stonys films bodies in motion, while an off-camera autogenic mantra burbles: “Feel your body. Be in harmony with yourself.” But a feeling of well-being cannot be commanded. An old lady‘s morning gymnastics on her Persian carpet feels natural, as does diving naked into a lake, a dog running purposefully. How odd the mass jazz dancing in the fitness studio feels in comparison. Macro camera pans over wrinkled skin gently formulate the contradiction of life: all human motion ultimately comes to the same end – the final standstill of the body.

Tribute 2008

Audrius Stonys

30 minutes

Audrius Kemezys
Danielius Kokanauskis
Vidmantas Bartulis, Johann Johannsson, Giedrius Puskunigis


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