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A road trip in black and white. In the beginning a mini-video camera is attached to the roof of the car, and a 16mm camera also rides along, recording the facial expressions of the six-year-old girl on the back seat. This child with the Prince Valiant haircut seems to be entirely absorbed in herself and her own world, which is strange and beautiful and sad, like the baroque recitativo in the soundtrack. “This film is about the incomprehensible loneliness of a child, which is just loneliness and nothing else. The film was shot without manipulation. A drive to a prison, a meeting, the drive home. That’s all. At the same time, it leads to the ethical question of how deeply a documentation can or may reach into a person’s pain.” (A. Stonys)

Tribute 2008

Audrius stonys

Lithuania 2001
18 minutes

Rimvydas Leipus
Vanda Survilienė


Studija 2 L. Valinsko IĮ
Lietuvininkų g. 50, 99176 Šilutė, Litauen
T +370 610 02906