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Little Indi

Little Indi

17 year old Arnau is living in his own world on the outskirts of the city of Barcelona. Surrounded by nature, he dedicates himself to his true passion: songbird competitions. He also rescues a wounded fox he finds by the riverside. With these companions, Arnau feels totally prepared to face what life can throw at him. When his prized goldfinch wins the championship of Catalonia, he starts saving money to hire a hotshot lawyer so he can help his mother. Meanwhile, his uncle Ramon is a real character and Arnau enjoys spending his summer days hanging out with him. Especially when he takes him to the dog track and teaches him all the tricks.

Marc Recha, geb. 1970 in Barcelona, begann 1988 Kurzfilme zu drehen. Im selben Jahr erhielt er ein Stipendium des katalanischen Kulturressorts, das ihm einen Aufenthalt in Paris ermöglichte, wo er mit Regisseur Marcel Anoun zusammenarbeitete. Seine Filme wurden in Locarno und Cannes gezeigt. 2007 widmete ihm Crossing Europe ein Tribute. Filme (Auswahl): El cielo sube (Heaven Rises, 1991), L‘arbre de les cireres (The Cherry Tree, 1998), Pau i el seu germ (Pau and his Brother, 2001), Les mains vides (Where Is Madame Catherine?, 2003), Dies d‘agost (August Days, 2005). Petit Indi (2009)

European Panorama Fiction 2010

Marc Recha

Spain/France 2009
92 minutes

Hélène Louvert
Nelly Quettier
Pau Recha
Marc Soto, Eulàlia Ramon, Sergi López, Eduardo Noriega, Pere Subirana


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