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Happy Land

Happy Land

We follow the preparations, journey and arrival of two buses to their final destination: in the first bus, “victorious” passengers are traveling from Rijeka to Kumrovec to commemorate and celebrate Tito’s birthday by visiting his birth house; the second bus going from Zadar to Bleiburg “ships” the elderly and “defeated” along with idealistic youngsters to this historic place of defeat. What happens in these two buses is an expression of opposite ideological positioning, but for the author it turns out to be something even more. (www.freezonebelgrade.org)

Goran Dević, geboren 1971 in Sisak, Kroatien. Studierte Recht, Archäologie und Filmkunst an der Akademie für Dramatische Künste in Zagreb. Dević realisierte bisher zahlreiche Dokumentar- und Kurzfilme. Crnci (The Blacks) ist sein Spielfilmdebüt.

Filme (Auswahl): Knin (2004, KF/Dok), Uvozne vrane (Imported Crows, 2004, KF/Dok), Jesam li se zajebo? (Did I fuck up?, 2004, KF/Dok), Nemam ti šta reći ljepo (I Have Nothing Nice to Say to You, 2006, KF/Dok), Ma sve će biti u redu, kratki igani (It‘ll all be all right, 2007, KF), Park u izgradnji, dokumentarni (Park Under Construction, 2008, KF/Dok), Tri (Three, 2008, KF/Dok), Sretna zemlja (Happy Land, 2009, Dok), Crnci (The Blacks, 2009)

European Panorama Documentary 2010

Goran Dević

Croatia 2009
50 minutes

Almir Fakić, Jure Černec, Mario Oljača, Tamara Cesarec