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Farewells – The Sorrow

Farewells – The Sorrow

An older couple experiments with extracts from insects to keep each other alive artificially. This works for several decades, but the injection is always only enough for one person, so that one of the two is always in a persistent vegetative state, while the other carries out the research.

Manuel Bauer alias Max von Lux, geb. 1981 in Haslach a.d. Mühl. Absolvierte das Studium MultiMediaArt an der FH Salzburg und studiert derzeit an der Kunstuniversität Linz zeitbasierte Medien. // Filme (Auswahl): AETAS GALLINA(2010), FAREWELLS – THE SORROW (2011; CE '12), BYE, BYE – NANA D. (2011)

Local Artists 2012

Max von Lux (alias Manuel Bauer)

Austria 2011
5'19 minutes