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Salt White

Salt White

Post-Soviet Georgia in the beginning of the 21st century. Nana, 35, a single woman, works as a seasonal worker at a summer resort on the Black Sea coast. Nana saves her income dreaming to purchase a small café in her hometown. She occasionally meets patrol officer Niko, a refugee from Abkhazia. Niko takes care of his old parents, living in a hotel with other refugees. The father is looking after the amnesic mother, who isn’t able to recognize even her own son. Nana and Niko’s closed world is disrupted by the homeless child Sopo. She points them to a new path – a path of hope.

Keti Machavariani, born 1973 in Georgia. Graduated from Tbilisi State University in 1995, then studied film directing at State University of Film and Theatre. She did a practical course at the Italian state television network RAI, directed several shorts, worked as a producer in television, and became involved in film production. SALT WHITE is her debut feature film. // Films (Selected): TSIPRULI MIAKHLOVEBA (Digital Zoom, 2002, short), MARIAMI (Maryam, 2003, short), SHUSHIS NAMSKHVREVI (Glass Fragment, 2003, short), MARILIVIT TETRI (Salt White, 2011)

Wettbewerb / Competition 2012

Keti Machavariani

Georgia 2011
35mm / color
80 minutes

George Shvelidze
Nodar Nozadze
Irakli Ivanishvili/Paata Godziahshvili
Giorgi Tsintsadze
Nino Koridze/Gagi Svanidze/Fea Tsivadze/George Kipshidze/Nestan Kvnikadze/Giorgi Giorganashvili/Ketuta Khalvashi/Rezi Esadze/Megi Kobaladze/Luka Khurtsilava


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