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All Our Demons - Heiligenblut

All Our Demons - Heiligenblut

The music video deals with a five-year-old bitten by the travel bug due to a postcard, who therefore decides to set out on a journey. He heads off through the Upper Austrian rural region of the Mühlviertel on his tricycle. Constantly in search of the postcard motif, he finally arrives in Linz. Refreshed by a glass of milk, he ultimately finds his goal on the banks of the Danube …

Christian Koll, geb. 1983 in Linz. Mitarbeit bei Outdoor-Filmprojekten von Outdoor Leadership. Mitgründer und Vorstandsmitglied von „LM.Media“. Seit August 2012 selbstständig als Videoproduzent. // Film: ALL OUR DEMONS - HEILIGENBLUT (2012)

Local Artists 2013

Christian Koll

Austria 2012
5:06 minutes