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A deserted lido on the Danube in the off season, a man in a business suit who wanders around it, an apparent telephone conversation. Fragments of quotes can be heard, a series of empty phrases that turn out to be philosophical and economic commentary relating to the global economic crisis. Everyone seems to know what’s going wrong, but in the end nothing changes.

LOTTE SCHREIBER, born 1971 in Mürzzuschlag, Austria. Studied Architecture at TU Graz, University of Edinburgh and in Naples. Schreiber is an artist working in the the fields of film, video and installation. Her work has been shown at various exhibitions and film festivals around the world. Since 2001 she has also been an assistant teacher at the Institute of Space und Design at the University of Art and Design, Linz. // Films (selected): QUADRO (2002, short), I E (SITE O1 SOLE EOLIE) (2004, short), DOMINO (2005, short), BORGATE (2008, short), TLATELOLCO (2011; CE '12), GHL (2012, short)

European Panorama Documentary 2013

Lotte Schreiber

Austria 2012
35mm / color
16 minutes

Johannes Hammel
Lotte Schreiber
Andreas Pils
Stefan Németh
Michael Krassnitzer