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Hänger – Attwenger

Hänger – Attwenger

The song “Hänger” is a dancefloor hit in slang. Motto: the record got stuck and so we got stuck there for a while, killing time with just hanging around. The film was shot, amongst others, in Linz, Novigrad, San Sebastian and London. Most of the people appearing in it still don’t know that they were filmed for this video clip.

MARKUS BINDER, geb. 1963, war von 1983 bis 1990 Multimediakünstler und Programmgestalter in der Stadtwerkstatt Linz. Seit 1990 Schlagzeuger und Texter des Duos „Attwenger“. // Filme (Auswahl): ST. VALENTIN – LINZ (2003), ATTWENGER FLUXGIGS (2012; CE '12), HÄNGER – ATTWENGER (2012)

Local Artists 2013

Markus Binder

Austria 2012
2:55 minutes