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If we had only tried – Sharon and the Stones

If we had only tried – Sharon and the Stones

The gap between poor and rich meanwhile drags many into the abyss; in the media everything revolves around € sums of eight digits and more, while Mr. and Mrs. Little desperately scrape together their last coins. We would have a voice and could achieve much, if only we tried.

REINHOLD BIDNER, geb. 1975. Studium MultiMediaArt, FH Salzburg. Seit 2006 selbstständiger Künstler in den Bereichen Visualisierung, Video und Foto. Unterrichtet an der Kunstuniversität Linz. // Filme (Auswahl): IN TRANSIT (2009; CE '09), SPACE BUM ROCKET KID (2010; CE '11), ADDICTED (2011), IF WE HAD ONLY TRIED – SHARON AND THE STONES (2012)

Local Artists 2013

Reinhold Bidner

Austria 2012
3:10 minutes