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The Face of a Revolution

The Face of a Revolution

Branko Ilic was one of the leaders of the uprising against Milošević's regime in Serbia in 1998-2000 and the leader of the student resistance movement “Otpor”. He was arrested and beaten several dozens of times, and received the MTV “Free Your Mind” award on behalf of “Otpor” in 2000. Exactly ten years after the October 5th Revolution, Branko returns to Belgrade from voluntary exile at his birthplace Arilje. He starts working as a bartender and temporarily moves in with Švabo, an old friend from the protest era. At the same time, a well-known advertising agency where Švabo works is hastily preparing a big campaign promoting consumer loans. This is an opportunity for Švabo and Branko to reminisce the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Milošević regime right in front of the Serbian Parliament.

VLADIMIR MILANOVIĆ, born 1981, is a lawyer and propagandist. Since 2009 he has dedicated more time to editing and filming. LICE REVOLUCIJE (The Face of a Revolution, 2012, doc) is his debut feature film, for which he is credited as screenwriter, director and producer. The film had its international premiere at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2012 and got a Special Mention at Beldocs Festival in the same year.

Fresh Danube Films 2013

Vladimir Milovanović

Serbia 2012
Digital / color
55 minutes

Vladimir Miladinović Piki
Nemanja Babić
Danijel Milošević, Luka Jocić
Boris Mladenović
Branko Ilic, Djorđe Brankovic, Nebojša Bogdanovic, Radovan Hirsl, Jelena Ilic, Nikola Vujovic, Srđan Cesic


Propaganda Film
Draze Pavlovica 8
11 000 Belgrade