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A Letter To My Father

A Letter To My Father

A LETTER TO MY FATHER deals with the relationship of a father and son, questioning years and layers of communication problems. Namely, the son (Milivoj, 44) cannot get rid of the fear that he is his father's (Mate, 70) faithful copy and that his father's life is a projection of his future. Desire to prove himself superior drives the son to make an amateur video compromising his father and proving that he is a much better person than his father. The father starts defending himself against the accusations presented in the son's video letter, justifying his acts to the surrounding, neighbors, friends, etc. The Father retells their family problems and his view of the son's video letter to the community he lives in.

DAMIR ČUČIĆ, born 1972, has directed more than 20 documentaries, 12 experimental films and two short films. He is the winner of 17 national and international film awards and his films have been shown at over 130 festivals in 40 countries on almost every continent. He is the founder of Mikrokino, a chain of movie theaters reserved for short film screenings. PISMO ĆAĆI (A Letter To My Father, 2012, doc) is Damir Čučić's first feature film, and was screened at Pula Film Festival 2012 in Croatia where it won several awards, among others the Breza Award for Best Debut.

Fresh Danube Films 2013

Damir Čučić

Croatia 2012
DCP / color
72 minutes

Boris Poljak
Hrvoje Mršić, Damir Čučić
Vedran Mažuranić, Martin Semenčić
Milivoj Beader, Mate Gulin


Croatian Film Association
Tuškanac 1
10000 Zagreb
T +385 1 48 48 764