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COLONEL BLIMP Music Video Selection

COLONEL BLIMP Music Video Selection

A broad mix of animation, experiment and classical story music videos is what Nathan James Tettey from COLONEL BLIMP offers us with this program. It includes directors like Dougal Wilson, who has been producing for COLONEL BLIMP for some time now, as well as newbies like Andrew Thomas Huang, who has celebrated major successes since last year, and whom everyone is talking about because of his extravagant and opulent animations. A brand-new video to music by Julio Bashmore will also be shown, which brings the animation aesthetics of the 1990s to life again. A high quality program – both in terms of visuals and music – awaits us on the screen!


DO I WANNA KNOW? - ARCTIC MONKEYS (D: David Wilson, GB 2013, 4:25 min), LIARS - MESS ON A MISSION (D: Luis Cerveró, GB 2013, 4'12 min), MIND MISCHIEF – TAME IMPALA (D: David Wilson, GB 2012, 5:37 min), BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES – ATOMS FOR PEACE (D: Andrew Thomas Huang, GB 2013, 5:48 min), JUNGLE - PLATOON (D: Oliver Hadlee Pearch, GB 2013, 3'15 min), MUTUAL CORE – BJÖRK (D: Andrew Thomas Huang, GB 2013, 5:14 min), THE BAY – METRONOMY (D: David Wilson, GB 2012, 3:53 min), MARILYIN MONROE - PHARELL WILLIAMS (D: Luis Cerveró, GB 2014, 4'51 min), DON'T LET HIM WASTE YOUR TIME – JARVIS COCKER (D: Dougal Wilson, GB 2006, 4:05 min), LOVE LOST – TEMPER TRAP (D: Dougal Wilson, GB 2009, 4:07 min), BLANC - TERRITOIRE (D: Pedro Martín-Calero, GB 2013, 5'28 min), NEED U (100%) – DUKE DUMONT (D: Ian Robertson, GB 2013, 3:10 min), PEPPERMINT – JULIO BASHMORE (D: Noah Harris, GB 2014, 3:30 min)

Focus On: Music 2014

60 minutes