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Kritische Räume brauchen Zuneigung

Kritische Räume brauchen Zuneigung

The seaside resort Prora on the island of Rügen: recreational utopia, ruins under the protection of historical monuments, a monument to National Socialist megalomania. Miriam Bajtala measures off the historically charged building complex, not through the deceptive long shot of the exterior, but in the form of a performative exploration of the interior – skipping, flying, stomping. (Sebastian Höglinger)

Miriam Bajtala lebt und arbeitet in Linz. // Filme (Auswahl): IN MEINEM NAMEN (2013), KRITISCHE BÄUME BRAUCHEN ZUNEIGUNG (2014)

Local Artists 2014

Miriam Bajtala

Austria 2014
11:15 minutes