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Archived Material (OMDU)

Archived Material (OMDU)

ARCHIVED MATERIAL (OMDU) indicates what is past, what is absent today. Present and past are reflected in the narrative and technical levels of the video: in the (contemporary) recorded scenery, the background music, the expressions of the contemporary history witness Lavrillat, the filmically veiled image.

Markus Oberndorfer, geb. 1980, ist Bildender Künstler mit Schwerpunkt Fotografie und audiovisuelle Medien. // Filme (Auswahl): UNTITLED IN CASE 01-07 (2005–2010), AUTREMENT ON DEVIENT FOU..... (2013), ARCHIVED MATERIAL (OMDU) (2014)

Local Artists 2015

Markus Oberndorfer

Austria / France 2014
DCP, s/w
3:42 minutes