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Mt. Plywood Pt. I (The Years) – M185

Mt. Plywood Pt. I (The Years) – M185

MT. PLYWOOD was made for the Viennese band M185. The video & piece revolve around layers of time, and various aspects of time are negotiated in the lyrics of the song: based on the lyrics, Bidner sets the members of the band in unique Vienna material from 1951 and develops independent episodes with them.

Reinhold Bidner, geboren 1975. Studium MultiMediaArt, FH Salzburg. Seit 2006 selbstständiger Medienkünstler. Unterrichtet an der Kunstuniversität Linz. // Filme (Auswahl): IMPULSE (2013; CE ’14) MT. PLYWOOD PT. I (THE YEARS) (2014)

Local Artists Music Videos 2015

Reinhold Bidner

Austria 2014
4 minutes