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Solvistification – Hippocampus

Solvistification – Hippocampus

Three teenagers wandering lonely through life receive magical musical instruments in different situations. The magic of the instruments transfers to them and causes them to start running. Their journey ends in a studio where they start making music and transfer their new joy of life to the emerging audience.

Markus Auzinger, geb. 1987 in Linz, Studium im Bereich Medien und Film. Seither selbstständig und freischaffend. // Filme (Auswahl): MILCH UND HONIG - STEPHAN ROISS &&& DOKTA G.C (2013), KALT (2014; CE '15), SOLVISTIFICATION – HIPPOCAMPUS (2014)

Local Artists Music Videos 2015

Markus Auzinger (alias Marc Aston)

Austria 2014
5:19 minutes