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Urfixed Light Animation

Urfixed Light Animation

Time lapse, fleeting shapes of light, music and fragments of noise from the machines and people distort and abstract the carnival Linzer Urfahranermarkt into an unreal image world of colorful and fast-moving patterns, explosive fireworks, and surprising movements that seem to merge with the carnival’s backdrop of sound and the music of the fair.

Thomas Schwarz, geboren 1991 in Linz, lebt und studiert in Linz, arbeitet mit zeitbasierten und interaktiven Medien. // Filme (Auswahl): URFIXED LIGHT ANIMATION (2014), SOULDJA – MUSIC & MIRAC – WBH (2015)

Local Artists 2015

Thomas Schwarz

Austria 2014
3:37 minutes
ohne Dialog / without dialogue