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Zivan Makes A Punk Festival

Zivan Makes A Punk Festival

Zivan is a punk rocker and a poet who comes from a very poor peasant family. Every summer, for the last five years, he organized a punk festival in his native village in Serbia. And, he always lost money on it. This is the sixth time he makes a music festival, and Zivan decides to make it an international one – he's bringing a band from Slovakia. „In one hundred years, it’ll be Woodstock“, says Zivan.

Ognjen Glavonic, born 1985 in Pančevo (SRB), studied directing and graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. His short films have been shown at over fifty national and international festivals and have been awarded several prizes. ŽIVAN PRAVI PANK FESTIVAL is his first longer documentary film. His first feature-length cinema film is scheduled to start production in Autumn 2015. He is a guitarist himself with the punk-rock band Nešto Najgore.

Cinema Next Europe 2015

Ognjen Glavonic

Serbia 2014
64 minutes

Relja Ilić
Sara Santini
Mladen Bulbuk, Ognjen Glavonic (Non-Aligned Films)