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MORIR / Dying

MORIR / Dying

Franco introduces us to Marta and Luis, a couple on holiday. One day, by the sea, he breaks the news that he is suffering from the same illness that claimed the life of his father, and explains that he wants to live the months he has left without doctors or hospitals. Marta begs him to get medical treatment. The story that ensues is a chronicle, realistic but not crude, of this agonising impasse. The director has chosen to fix his gaze not on the dying man, but on the woman who loves him, who is blasted by all kinds of discord, while the dreaded but inevitable conclusion lingers on the threshold. (Alfonso Rivera, Cineuropa)

Fernando Franco
After a long career as an editor of films like Martín Rosete's "Voice Over" (2011), Fernando Franco debuted in 2013 as a director with the feature film "Wounded". The film won, among other awards, the Goyas for Best New Director and Best Leading Actress and the Silver Fotogramas for Best Spanish Film. "Dying" is his second feature film.

Film Selection: Morir (Dying, 2017) — La herida (Wounded, 2013) — La media vuelta (2012, short) — Room (2010, short)

Competition Fiction 2018

Fernando Franco

Spain 2017
DCP / color
104 minutes

Santiago Racaj
Miguel Doblado
Aitor Berenguer, Nacho R. Arenas, Nacho Roya
Mursego, Javi P3z
Andrés Gertrúdix, Marian Álvarez
Koldo Zuazu, Fernando Franco



Kowalski Films, Ferdydurke Films
World Sales

Film Factory Entertainment S.L.

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
International Film Festival San Sebastián 2017

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere