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RÊVER SOUS LE CAPITALISME / Dreaming Under Capitalism

RÊVER SOUS LE CAPITALISME / Dreaming Under Capitalism

As the camera magnifies the graphic lines and cubic architectural office spaces, twelve dreamers recount how neo-management is authoring the nightmarish fictions of their nights. In their work place, at home or in a public space, they recount and then interpret their memory of a dream. These mistreated souls describe, in a poetic and political way, their subjective suffering at work. Bit by bit, the dreamers and their dreams portray a world dominated by neoliberal capitalism.

Sophie Bruneau
Originally an anthropologist, Sophie Bruneau is a film director and a researcher at the Institute for Sociology at Brussels University. She has been making documentary films since 1993. Her first co-direction (with Marc-Antoine Roudil), the short doc “Fishing on Horseback”, won Best Picture at International Documentary Film Festival Bilbao. Since then she has received numerous awards.

Film Selection: Rêver sous le capitalisme (Dreaming Under Capitalism, 2017, doc) — Devil’s Rope (2015, doc) — Ghost America (2014, doc short) — Madame Jean (2011, doc)
 — Terre d’usage (2010, doc) — Ils ne mouraient pas tous mais  tous étaient frappés (2005, doc) — Arbres (2001, mid-length doc)
 — Pardevant notaire (1999, doc) — Pêcheurs à cheval (Fishing on Horseback, 1993, with Marc-Antoine Roudil, doc short)

Arbeitswelten / Working Worlds 2018

Sophie Bruneau

Belgium 2017
DCP / color
63 minutes

Johan Legraie, Hichame Alaouié, Pierre Choqueux, Maxime Fuhrer
Philippe Boucq
Valène Leroy
Sophie Bruneau, Sébastien Andres



Alter Ego Films, Michigan Films
World Sales

CBA Centre de l'audiovisuel à Bruxelles

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Millenium Film Festival Brussels 2018

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere