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The Cured

The Cured

Program Section: Night Sight | Feature Film | Austrian Premiere |

Language: English

After a virus has turned those infected with it into blood-thirsty zombies for years, the world finds new hope with the discovery of a cure. But rebuilding society turns out to be difficult, as reintegrating those formerly infected becomes a special challenge. It is one of these, specifically her brother-in-law, that a young widow (embodied by the indie icon Ellen Page) takes into her home, which does not remain without dramatic consequences.

Everything revolves around the question of how a society should deal with taking those presumably responsible – now made “innocuous” – back into their midst. With his splatter-horror debut, Irish director David Freyne succeeds in creating an exciting combination of zombie horror and social drama, creating a space for current social-critical commentaries – 28 DAYS LATER and CHILDREN OF MEN send their regards.


Eröffnungsfilme / Opening Films 2018

David Freyne

Ireland, England, France 2017
95 minutes

Piers McGrail
Chris Gill
Rory Friers, Niall Kennedy
Sam Keeley, Ellen Page, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
Rory Dungan, Rachel O’Kane, Ellen Page


Tilted Pictures Ltd., Bac Films
World Sales

Bac Films
Austrian Rights:

CITY 1, 25.04.2018 // 22:45
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