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Festival History: 2020

The development of the COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the planning and implementation of the 17th edition of Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz from the beginning of March 2020. Finally, Crossing Europe 2020, in consultation with the main sponsors and event partners, was officially cancelled on 18 March. A postponement of the festival unfortunately made legal agreements, temporary contracts and financial and personnel resources impossible. After the festival was cancelled, the festival team around festival director Christine Dollhofer went through various variations in order to make parts of the planned festival program accessible to the public in a different way. 

Crossing Europe was keen to offer the filmmakers and their films selected for this festival edition a forum - albeit in a reduced form - in the coming weeks and months. With the alternative program "Crossing Europe 2020 - EXTRACTS", a small contribution was made to maintaining cultural life in Austria in three stages from 21 April 2020 and invited to a virtual journey across the film continent of Europe. "Crossing Europe 2020 - EXTRACTS" was intended to present a cross-section of the originally planned festival program and to give the audience - despite festival cancellation - the opportunity to discover current European feature films and documentaries for which no regular cinema release is planned in Austria. Furthermore, in accordance with the festival spirit, some of the cooperation partners were again involved in the creation of this alternative program.

  • Crossing Europe 2020 – EXTRACTS: An Opening | 21 April
  • Crossing Europe 2020 – EXTRACTS on VoD | 21 April to 20 May
  • Crossing Europe 2020 – EXTRACTS:  Fall 2020 | 10. September to 22. December
    Please note: Originally scheduled until the end of December, the second Lockdown in Austria unfortunately put an end to the "Festival Premieres at City-Kino" a little earlier than planned. The canceled film screenings can unfortunately not be rescheduled for organizational reasons.

In addition, the festival catalogue as well as the festival newspaper were uploaded in digital form as PDFs on April 8th to document the festival program planned for 2020.