Festival History: 2013

"The special charm of the European debut films in Linz is found in their refreshing courage to experiment. The link the personal fate of individuals with social upheavals and crises, and they offer alternatives to the conventional patters of traditional narrative cinema."
Deutschlandradio Kultur // Wolfgang Martin Hamdorf

Following a brilliant festival opening on Tuesday, 23 April, with film screenings, the OK | Labor & OK | Artist in Residence programs and the Nightline, this trend continued – despite the unexpectedly warm weather – assuring the festival of full cinemas and an incomparable atmosphere in the festival district; the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter blossomed with vitality for six days, and the crowd of international visitors brought an open, cosmopolitan flair to the provincial capital. about 20,000 festival guests and film and music lovers visited the film screenings, exhibitions, talks, and the Nightline of the festival.

From the beginning, CROSSING EUROPE has been dedicated to the idea of arousing interest in sophisticated European filmmaking – an uncompromising program selection, international and local networks, and a direct engagement with the (international) filmmakers have proved their value again, as once again the festival audience completely took over the festival locations for six days – transforming the OK Square into the liveliest hot spot in the city along the way. A total of 162 feature films, documentaries and short films from 40 different countries (96 of them Austrian premieres) flickered across the screens; 650 professional guests from Austria and abroad – including more than 130 film guests – were counted.


Audience number: 20.000
Films: 162
World premieres: 32
Countries of origin: 40
Film guests: 130
Award winners 2013: HERE
Jury 2013: HERE
Film archive 2013: HERE
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