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The Competition Fiction comprises first and second European feature fiction films produrced for theatricl release. During the awards ceremony the Jury Competition Fiction gives out the award to the director of the prize-winning film. More information about the festival awards here

Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun (TR)
Turkey, filmmaker

Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun’s fiction feature debut, Wrong Rosary (2009), won several awards, including International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Tiger Award and the Crossing Europe Award Best Fiction Film in 2009. His second film, Yozgat Blues (2013), premiered in San Sebastián. The Announcement premiered in Venice where it won the Special Jury Prize.

Ana Lungu (RO)
Romania, filmmaker

Born in Bucharest in 1978, Ana Lungu studied psychology and film directing. Her films were selected in film festivals such as Locarno (2010, The Belly of the Whale), International Film Festival Rotterdam (2015, Self-Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter, which won the Crossing Europe Award Best Fiction Film in 2015) and Sarajevo Film Festival (2018, One and a Half Prince).

Jean Perret (FR/CH)
France/Switzerland, festival director,  head of the cinema departement/Geneva University of Art and Design

Jean Perret is the author of numerous film publications and teaches seminars on semiotics, aesthetics and cinéma du réel. In 1990 he founded the Critics Week at Locarno Filmfestival and from 1995 to 2010 he was the festival director of Visions du Réel in Nyon. From 2010 to 2018 he was the head of the Cinema Department at the Geneva University of Art and Design.


This award is given out to one of the documentary films from the section Competition Documentary with a minimum length of 60 minutes which has socio-political/social relevance, is an Austrian premiere and was produced in 2018/19. The award goes to the director of the prize-winning film. More information about the festival awards here.

Ralph Eue (DE) 
Germany, festival curator, film publicist, journalist

Ralph Eue studied German, Romance languages and architecture. Since 1980 he has been working as a film publicist and translator. He teaches film history and theory at the German Film and TV Academy, the University of Arts in Berlin and at the University of Vienna. Eue is the head of program selection at DOK Leipzig.

Djamila Grandits (AT)
Austria, curator, cultural manager, festival worker

In 2016 and 2017 Djamila Grandits was the artistic director (with Julia Sternthal) of “this human world film festival” in Vienna. As a member of “CineCollective” she is responsible for “Kaleidoskop – Film und Freiluft am Karlsplatz”. She works at the intersections and on the deconstruction of theoretical concepts, political, artistic and activist forms.

Oksana Sarkisova (RU)
Budapest, festival director, researcher, lecturer

Oksana Sarkisova, born in Moscow, is the director of Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Budapest, researcher at Blinken OSA and head of the Visual Studies Platform at CEU, Budapest. She teaches and publishes on memory politics and documentary film and is the director of the summer program “Fields of Vision” in Budapest in 2019.


All the films/videos presented in the program section Local Artists participate in the competition. An expert jury awards the prizes to the director of the prize-winning film. More information about the festival awards here.

Sebastian Markt (DE)
Germany, curator, festival and cinema worker

Born in Linz, Sebastian Markt studied history and philosophy in Vienna and Berlin. He is program coordinator at Berlinale Generation, co-curator at Dokfilmwoche Berlin, writes as a film critic (e.g. for Perlentaucher, Sissy and Indiekino) and works at several arthouse cinemas in Berlin.

Violetta Wakolbinger (AT) 
Austria, media artist, photographer and graphic designer

Violetta Wakolbinger is a media artist, photographer and graphic designer. After studying space and design strategies and time-based media at the University of Arts Linz, her focus has been on architecture photography. Her artistic work includes film and installation. Her films Open Tiles and Layer by Layer were screened at Crossing Europe.

Katharina Weinberger-Lootsma (AT)
Austria, curator, cultural manager, lecturer 

Katharina Weinberger-Lootsma, born in Linz, studied art history in Innsbruck. She is a curator, cultural manager and lecturer. In 2016 she co-curated the Montenegro pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Since 2018 she has been the curatorial head head of kulturtankstelle, the coop-lab of the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter and the University of Arts Linz.


The YAAAS! Youth Jury awards the prize to the director of one of the six YAAAS! Competition titles. More information about the festival awards here.

Helin Bingöl
17 years, Zwettl an der Rodl
BORG Bad Leonfelden
Marlene Estermann
16 years, Bad Leonfelden
BORG Bad Leonfelden
Nefise Gül
16 years, Rohrbach im Mühlkreis
BORG Bad Leonfelden
Jonah Mitter
16 years, Gallneukirchen
BORG Bad Leonfelden
Umut Sarikaya
15 years, Zwettl an der Rodl
BORG Bad Leonfelden