Awards Ceremony

This evening at 8 PM the festival prizes of the eighteenth festival edition will be awarded in Ursulinensaal in attendance of an in-person audience – in addition to this we will offer a live stream of the ceremony. Competition entries in the sections Competition Fiction, Competition Documentary, Competition Local Artists, and YAAAS! Competition will be honored with money and material prizes with a value of 30 500 €; additionally to this the MIOB New Vision Award will be awarded this year.

Must-Sees on 5 June

Three current by films by members of the competitions juries are on today’s program: Siegfried Ressel will present the world premiere of LANGSAMES DISSEITS. VIER MONOLOGE / SLOWLY HERE BELOW. FOUR MONOLOGUES together with Hannes Richter at 1:30PM. Crossing Europe award winner from 2016 Visar Morina is represent with his newest feature film EXIL / EXILE at 11:45 AM, and ÉDEN / EDEN by award winner 2011 Ágnes Kocsis will be shown at 1:45 PM.

Film Highlights 4 June

For the first time this year the MIOB New Vision Award will be awarded, endowed with 3 000 € powered by MIOB. MIOB stands for the European festival network Moving Images Open Borders; in 2021 Lili Horvát will be awarded with this prize for her feature film PREPARATIONS TO BE TOGETHER FOR AN UNKNOWN PERIOD OF TIME, that will be shown at 5:30 PM. Before that, highlights from the Competition Fiction and the Competition Documentary await: PARI (12 PM), THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP (1:15 PM) and DIE WÄCHTERIN / THE GUARDIAN (4 PM).

Golden Bag 2021 Winning Shops

Our Golden Bag display window contest has successfully come to its conclusion. Once again, numerous businesses in the inner city of Linz took part and created that special festival flair with creatively decorated display windows. This year’s winning shops are: Zerum Lifestyle, Haut und Seele and Durchreise. Congratulations! In cooperation with Europack, OÖNachrichten, and Linzer City Ring.

Local Artist Premieres

Two world premieres await in the Local Artist program today: The documentary BIRGITTA’S FRIENDS by Christian Kogler at 7:45 PM and the newest work by the renown experimental film director Norbet Pfaffenbichler 2551.01 is shown at 8 PM – a collaborative premiere together with the Diagonale. Added to that, the filmmaker from Linz Sandra Krampelhuber will present her new documentary MANE that takes us through Senegal on June 4 at 5:15 PM.

Must-Sees on 3 June

The Tribute guest from 2016 Helena Třeštíková returns to Crossing Europe with her documentary ANNY (10 AM). Once more she sticks to her usual modus operandi: Between the years 1996 and 2012, she regularly meets her protagonist Anny, who offers insights into the life of a sex worker on the streets of Prague, that of lavatory attendant, and that of a grandmother. After that Volkan Üce (ALL-IN, 11:45 AM) and Natalija Yefimkina (GARAGENVOLK/GARAGE PEOPLE, 2:15 PM) will personally present their works in Linz.

Opening Ceremony - Photo Gallery

Impressions from the opening ceremony of this year's edition of Crossing Europe Film Festival.

Film Highlights 2 June

Tomorrow, CROSSING EUROPE will kick off in full force, among other things with festival guests who will present their latest works to the audiences in Linz: The award winner from 2015, Ivan Ikić will present his production OAZA / OASIS at 2 PM, and the CROSSING EUROPE regular Dominique Choisy will show his production LES MOTS DE TAJ / TAJAMUL’S WORDS at 4:15 PM. Added to this, two screenings from the Competition Documentary section will be shown: PUNTASACRA / PUNTA SACRA at 11 AM, and the world premiere of ENDPHASE at 7:15 PM.

Must-Sees on 1 June

The documentary ANYÁIM TÖRTÉNETE / HER MOTHERS follows two women in Orbán’s Hungary on their arduous path together to start a family in a country shaped by repression (3:15 PM, in attendance of the directors). A Romanian political corruption scandal without equal is the focus of the Oscar nominated documentary COLECTIV / COLLECTIVE (5:15 PM). This year’s Tribute guest Ivan Ostrochovský will personally present his current feature SLUŽOBNÍCI / SERVANTS at 8 PM.

Grand Opening

Back in the cinema! Today on the opening day CROSSING EUROPE will kick off at 2:15 PM with films from almost every program section. In the evening there will be screenings of no less than five hand-picked film premieres in the framework of the festival opening that represent a cross section of the many faceted festival program. The audiences can look forward to 123 feature films and documentaries, as well as 90 film guests. 

Competition Fiction

The artistically and thematically broad competition section encompasses ten works. The films are all either the first or second feature-length productions, though some have already been awarded, and all bring a piece of European living realities to the silver screen – not always in straight line, sometimes unorthodox, but always with passion. Two festival prizes will be awarded in the section. 

Guests and Talks

From 1 to 6 June we invite the festival audiences on a virtual trip all across Europe. Discover 123 current feature films and documentaries from forty different countries. Joining us will be around ninety film guests who will introduce their works personally – while distancing and wearing a mask.