Gde je Kenedi bio dve godine

Kenedi, lost and found

Two years after completing Kenedi Goes Back Home, Želimir Žilnik accidentally stumbles upon his main protagonist Kenedi Hasani in Vienna. Kenedi immediately proceeds to retell the dramatic story of his recent past. Two years ago he had decided to climb over the walls of Fortress Europe again to reunite with his family and was caught while illegally crossing the border between Hungary and Austria. After months spent in a deportation center he managed to escape, but the Austrian officials now have him cornered again and are about to deport him to Serbia. Kenedi decides to build a house for his family there and settle down.

Special 2008
Želimir Žilnik
Serbia / Montenegro 2005
26 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Želimir Žilnik
Editing Marko Cvejic
With Kenedi Hasani
Terra Film