Gruz 200

Cargo 200

USSR, 1984. The end of the Soviet era. Provincial Russia. After going to a club the daughter of the secretary of the district committee for the Communist Party disappears. There are no witnesses. No suspects have been found. This same evening, in a house on the outskirts of town, a brutal murder is committed. The culprit is the owner of the house. Both investigations are turned over to the Police Captain Zhurov. „Cargo 200 is neither a condemnation nor a tribute. It‘s just a film about 1984 as I remember it and see it. I wanted to make a hard-hitting film about the Soviet Union - and I did it.“ (Alexey Balabanov)

European Panorama 2008
Alexey Balabanov
Russia 2007
90 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Alexey Balabanov
Cinematography Alexander Simonov
Editing Tatyana Kuzmichyova
Music Edward Artemiev
With Alexey Serebryakov, Leonid Gromov, Yuri Stepanov, Agniya Kuzentsova, Alexey Poluyan, Natalya Akimova, Valentina Andryukova, Leonid Bicevin
CTB Film Company 10, Kamennoostrovsky Ave. St. Petersburg, 197101 Russland