Humming, fast and slow

The work emerges from an endless white that has always already been there, and that is also where it ends. What forms is persistently surface, does not seek to stand for itself alone but to occur in the entire frame. Movements happen so quickly that they irritate the gaze, passing new colors and structures to its lethargy. As long as it holds up.

Director's Biography
RAINER KOHLBERGER, geb. 1982 in Linz, ist freischaffender Videokünstler und Mediengestalter. Seine algorithmisch erzeugten Bilder entwickelt er vorwiegend für Raum- Installationen, Live-Visualisierungen und mobile Applikationen. // Filme: HUMMING, FAST AND SLOW (2012), WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT(2012, siehe Seite 106)
2013: CROSSING EUROPE Award – Local Artist
Local Artists 2013
Rainer Kohlberger
Germany / Austria 2012
9 minutes
without dialogue