La Supplication

Voices from Chernobyl

This film does not deal with Chernobyl, but rather with the world of Chernobyl, about which we know very little. Eyewitness reports have survived: scientists, teachers, journalists, couples, children … They tell of their old daily lives, then of the catastrophe. Their voices form a long, terrible but necessary supplication that traverses borders and stimulates us to question our status quo.

Director's Biography
POL CRUCHTEN, born in 1963, is a Luxembourgish film director and producer. He graduated from the École supérieure d’études cinématographiques – ESEC in Paris in 1987. His film Wedding Night – End of the Song was screened at the 1992 Cannes International Film Festival. Cruchten is one of the co-founders of Red Lion. // Films (selection): Hochzäitsnuecht (Wedding Night – End of the Song, 1992), Black Dju (1997), Boys on the Run (2003), Never Die Young (2014), Die Räuber (2015), La Supplication / Tschernobyl – Eine Chronik der Zukunft (Voices From Chernobyl, 2016, doc)
European Panorama Documentary 2017
Pol Cruchten
Luxembourg / Austria 2016
86 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Pol Cruchten, based on the novel “Voices From Chernobyl” by Svetlana Alexievitch
Cinematography Jerzy Palacz
Editing Dominique Galliéni
Sound/Sounddesign Oleg Goloveshkin, Sergiy Stepanskyy, Ingo Dumlich, Mike Butcher
Music André Mergenthaler, Luma Luma Earthsounds
With Dinara Drukarova, Iryna Voloshyna, Vitaliy Matvienko
Producer(s) Pol Cruchten, Jeanne Geiben (Red Lion, LU), Gabriele Kranzelbinder (kgp, AT)
Red Lion 16 rue Alzingen 3397 Roeser Luxembourg
Austrian Premiere
Verleih in Österreich / Austrian Distribution
Lindengasse 25/10
1070 Wien, Austria

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Trieste Film Festival 2016

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere