Late Blossom Blues

When eighty-one-year-old Leo “Bud” Welch from the Mississippi backwoods released his debut record in 2014, it took the blues world by surprise: Where has this guy been the last sixty years? Why has nobody ever heard of him before? Answers are given in Late Blossom Blues, a feature-length documentary about Leo “Bud” Welch and his very late rise to fame. A story about poverty and exploitation, about the Lord and the Devil, and of course a story about life that reminds us that it’s never too late to live one’s dream.

Director's Biography
WOLFGANG PFOSER-ALMER, künstlerischer Leiter des Linzfest, ist ein österreichischer Musik- und Eventmanager. 2014 lud er Leo „Bud“ Welch zu dessen ersten Europakonzert nach Linz. Late Blossom Blues ist sein erster Dokumentarfilm.

// Filme (Auswahl): Late Blossom Blues (2016, doc) STEFAN WOLNER, geb. 1975. MABACHER – #ungebrochen und Late Blossom Blues sind seine beiden ersten Kinodokumentarfilme.

// Filme (Auswahl): MABACHER – #ungebrochen (MABACHER – #unbroken, 2017, doc; CE’17), Late Blossom Blues (2016, doc)
Local Artists 2017
Wolfgang Pfoser-Almer, Stefan Wolner
Austria 2016
89 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Cinematography Viktor Schaider
Editing Lisa Zoe Geretschläger, Andrea Unterweger
Sound/Sounddesign Andreas Pils, Gerald Rauscher
With Leo „Bud“ Welch, Vencie Varnado, Bruce Watson, Roger Stolle
Producer(s) Wolfgang PfoserAlmer (Let’s Make This Happen, AT), Stefan Wolner (Red Monster Film, AT)
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Clarksdale Film Festival 2016