In a time of climate change, artificial lights seem just another disturbance of nature. From the distance, our phones turn us into fireflies, quite like a bizarre mirror of nature. We are drawn to the light like moths, by displays, lighting or movie screens. How long are we going to feel fine in this light-generated dream world before noticing that the ground beneath our feet is getting too hot?

Director's Biography
Karol Kensy aka Kensee, born in Szubin, Poland, in 1988, grew up nearby Linz. He studied time-based and interactive media arts at the University of Arts Linz and works as a beat maker and music video producer.
Films - Selection
Moth (2020, short) - Bella Vita - Da Staummtisch feat. Skero (2019, music video, CE'20) - Roots (2018, music video, CE'19) - Schene neie Wöd (2016, short, CE'17) - Moving Mountains ft. Abu Gabi, Katharsis, The Unused Word (2016, music video, CE'17) - Feelings (2014, music video, CE'15) - Dreaming - Flip ft. AG (2013, music video, CE'14) - Million Ways To Die, One Way To Def (2013, mid-length doc, CE'14) - Yes We Jam Cypherspace Part 3 (2013, music video) - Chill-ill – Sorry fr. Kinetical (2013, music video) - Imma nu da söbe, sicha ned da gleiche – Andi & Alex ft. Skero (2013, music video) - Grauer Star - Andi & Alex ft. Skero (2013, music video)
Crossing Europe Extracts 2020 / Festivaltrailer 2020
Karol Kensy
Austria 2020
1 minutes
Screenplay Karol Kensy
Cinematography Kristof Müllegger
Music Karol Kensy
With Vivian Bausch, Radix Skateshop