Nic jako dřív

Nothing Like Before

They're all 19 years old, they go to the same school and they're all in the same rut. Teo is facing expulsion. Renata plays hooky and prefers working nights in a café to earn money for her divorced mother. Anicka and Nikola are making a real mess of things at the hotel where they're interning. All of them are growing up in the Czech border town of Varnsdorf. The idea of independence is tempting, but these young people aren't quite ready for adult life. They're all at a turning point, and the lively montage reflects the adolescents' restlessness and lack of direction. (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam)

Director's Biography
Lukáš Kokeš, Klára Tasovská
Lukáš Kokeš is a director and cinematographer, his short “Redemption Attempt of a TV Repairman Josef Lávič ka in Nine Scenes” received a Special Jury Mention at IDFF Jihlava 2008. Feature length doc “Fortress” co-directed by Klára Tasovskvá won Best Czech Doc at IDFF Jihlava 2012. Klára Tasovská is a director, editor and dramaturge. Her doc “Midnight” was featured at international film festivals and awarded a number of prizes.

Film Selection: Nic jako dřív (Nothing Like Before, Kokeš & Tasovská, 2017, doc) — Gottland (Tasovská, 2014, short) — Fortress (Kokeš & Tasovská, 2012) — Midnight (Tasovská, 2010, mid-length) — Pokus o duchovní nápravu opraváře televizí Josefa Lávič ky v devíti obrazech (Redemption Attempt of a TV Repairman Josef Lávička in Nine Scenes, 2008, doc short)
Competition Documentary 2018
Lukáš Kokeš, Klára Tasovská
Czech Republic 2017
92 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Lukáš Kokeš, Klára Tasovská
Cinematography Lukáš Kokeš
Editing Klára Tasovská
Sound/Sounddesign Adam Levý
Music Dné
With Petr Hornak, Diana Danielova, Renata Bitmanova, Anna Hanzlova, Nikola Hemmerova
Producer(s) Tomáš Hrubý, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková
nutprodukce, HBO Europe
Austrian Premiere
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
IDFA 2017

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere