Sonja i bik

Sonja and the Bull

The most controversial part of Croatia's Animal Protection Act is the section that regulates bullfighting. Sonja, a city girl from Zagreb, a sworn vegetarian and animal rights activist, claims that bullfighting is unnecessarily violent and she denounces the owners of the bulls as heartless. People living in the Dalmatian countryside simply cannot understand Sonja's attitude. The more Sonja criticises the bull owners, the less inclined they are to listen. Finally they conclude that no matter how passionately Sonja defends the rights of animals, she would not have the guts to come closer than three meters to Garonja the bull. Stipe, Garonja’s owner, is so sure she will not do it that he places a bizarre wager: his balls …

Director's Biography
VLATKA VORKAPIĆ graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, majoring in television and film directing, and from the Faculty of Philosophy, double majoring in comparative literature and Czech language and literature, both in Zagreb. She directs and writes for television, theater and film. Vorkapić is the author of a number of television documentaries and series, more than thirty documentary films, and two short films. SONJA I BIK (Sonja and the Bull, 2012) is her first feature film. It was screened at the Pula Film Festival in 2012 where it won the Golden Arena for Best Script.
Special 2013
Vlatka Vorkapić
Croatia 2012
102 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Vlatka Vorkapić, Elvis Bošnjak
Cinematography Dragan Marković
Editing Marin Juranić
With Judita Franković, Goran Bogdan, Dejan Aćimović, Ivo Gregurević, Elvis Bošnjak, Barbara Prpić, Csilla Barath Bastaić, Vladimir Tintor
Inter film Nova Ves 45/2 (office) 10000 Zagreb Croatia T +385 1 4667 290 F +385 1 4667 022