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The Pastor’s

The Pastor’s

Celui au pasteur is Lionel Baier’s personal approach to the authoritarian father whom he left in anger as an adolescent. As a one-man camera team Baier returns to his parents’ home in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, a small community high above Lake Geneva. Here he follows the everyday work of his father, a pastor, and instead of the authoritarian dogmatist he finds an aging doubter, who is often lonely and no longer necessarily loves his work. The father suffers from the church’s loss of significance; due to reduction of positions, he now also has to minister neighboring communities. He has gone from being a leader to a service provider, who works on weekends and also at night. Shortly before retirement, it seems that the father comes closer to his son, the filmmaker, not least of all through the precarious job situation. (Maya McKechneay)

Lionel Baier, geboren 1975, dreht seit den Neunziger Jahren Filme und leitet seit 2002 die Filmabteilung der Kunsthochschule ECAL in Lausanne. Gemeinsam mit den befreundeten Regiekollegen Ursula Meier, die in seinen Filmen immer wieder kleinere Rollen spielt, und Jean-Stéphane Bron (Mais im Budeshuus) gilt er als Proponent einer jungen welschschweizer Filmszene. Lionel Baier lebt in Paris.

Tribute 2009

Lionel Baier

Switzerland 2000
64 minutes

Lionel Baier, Frederico Brinca, Laurent Guido
Christine Hoffet
Francis Poulenc
Hugo Baier, Danielle Baier


Produzent Robert Boner
Koproduktion Les Productions JMH, Télévision Suisse Romande TSR

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1003 Lausanne
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