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IL MIRACOLO / The Miracle

IL MIRACOLO / The Miracle

Ostensibly, The Miracle is about the way miracles are manufactured, about how popular and media pressure can spin a trick of the light into a weeping Madonna. But this is only one facet of the story - and it's a facet that was handled with more satirical verve by Fellini in the Virgin Mary subplot of La Dolce Vita. In reality, this is more a lm about how painful growing up can be. The central character, Tonio, is a 12-year-old boy who is knocked off his bike by a hit-and-run driver. Coming round later in hospital, Tonio wanders into a room of a man whose ECG trace has gone at, and revives him by placing a hand on his chest. (Lee Marshal, Screen Daily)

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Tribute 2018

Edoardo Winspeare

Italy 2003
35 mm / color
93 minutes

Paolo Carnera
Luca Benedetti
Roberto Mozzarelli, Marco Saitta
Officina Zoè
Claudio D ́Agostino, Carlo Bruni, Anna Ferruzzo, Stefania Casciaro
Maurizio Tini



Rai Cinema, Sidecar Films & Tv

Archive Print
Istituto Luce-Cinecittà

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Venice International Film Festival 2003