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Made in Poland

Made in Poland

“All the film tells us is that Boguś isn't much of a churchgoer. Aside from that, he's not a bad boy. He might be from the ‘hood, but he used to be an altar boy, attended vocational school, and is the son of a woman whose entire world is the Polish crooner Krzysztof Krawczyk. His imagination has been shaped by TV, he doesn't care for ‘fags’, neither does he enjoy American music. He dresses like a skinhead, but he’s probably not a fascist. He behaves like an imbecile, yet has the mental capacity to find a rhyme for ‘love’. He isn't good with girls, and has probably never had one, but he has a way of falling in love at first sight. Who or what has pushed him into the embrace of destruction?” (Jakub Socha)

PRZEMYSŁAW WOJCIESZEK, born 1974 in Poland, is a film and theater director and screenwriter. He studied journalism and Polish literature in Wrocław and Kraków before writing the script for Witold Adamek's film Monday in 1998. In 1999 Wojcieszek debuted as a filmmaker with KILL THEM ALL. LOUDER THAN BOMBS was presented at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and was screened at the 2002 Slamdance Film Festival in Utah. By 2004 he had already begun working in theater. MADE IN POLAND marked Wojcieszek's debut both as a playwright and as a theatrical director. THE PERFECT AFTERNOON was shown in the Forum section of Berlinale and the New York Polish Film Festival in 2006. The Berlinale Forum also presented Wojcieszek's MADE IN POLAND and SECRET in 2010 and 2012 respectively. Przemysław Wojcieszek is a leading representative of Polish independent cinema.

Tribute 2013

Przemysław Wojcieszek

Poland 2010
35mm / color
84 minutes

Jolanta Dylewska
Daniel Zioła
Artur Kuczkowski
Jakub Kapsa
Piotr Wawer jr., Janusz Chabior, Przemysław Bluszcz, Magdalena Kuta- Jastrzębska, Grzegorz Sowa, Marta Powałowska, Wiesław Cichy, Halina Rasiakówna, Michał Majnicz, Dariusz Maj, Krystyna Dmochowska, Eryk Lubos


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