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Meltingsphere – Richard Eigner & Abby Lee Tee

Meltingsphere – Richard Eigner & Abby Lee Tee

MELTINGSPHERE tells the story of changes in landscapes and of human influence on nature. Generated from tracking shots and illustrations, this essay video questions our awareness of how we deal with our surroundings. The image and music were conceived at the same time in close collaboration.

Andreea Săsăran, geb. 1986, ist freischaffende Video- und Fotokünstlerin in Linz. Katja Seifert, geb. 1984 in Linz, ist Illustratorin und Architektin. // Gem. Filme: MELTINGSPHERE – RICHARD EIGNER & ABBY LEE TEE (2014)

Local Artists Music Videos 2014

Andreea Săsăran, Katja Seifert

Austria 2014
4:45 minutes