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“I worry a lot about my future, but I realize the only life I want to have is this one.” Paula and Rodrigo are young, queer artists, like many others in Berlin. Their drive to stand out leads them to form a radical performance collective. But in Rodrigo’s personal life, he needs to handle things by himself. The rehearsal room is a space of utopias, but can they make it out the door? PERFORMANCE is a feature film that plays with the conventions of fiction and documentation, what is on stage and what is at stake. It describes several movements: migration within and outside of the European Union, the developments of the city of Berlin, and the search for love and identification.

Kornelia Kugler, 1986 in Linz geboren, machte 2013 ihren Abschluss an der UdK Berlin im Lehrgang Kunst und Medien. Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin an der Schnittstelle von Video, Installation und Film. Auch Hanna Bergfors, geboren 1982 in Lund, Schweden, machte 2013 ihren Abschluss an der UdK Berlin im Lehrgang Kunst und Medien. Ihr gemeinsamer Kurzfilm DOSKA FRANK (2012) hatte seine Weltpremiere bei den Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen 2012. PERFORMANCE ist ihr erster gemeinsamer Langfilm.

Local Artists 2014

Kornelia Kugler, Hanna Bergfors

Germany 2014
Digital / color 
63 minutes

Kornelia Kugler
Ginés Olivares
Birte Gerstenkorn, Nadja Krüger, Manuela Schininá
Mika Risiko
Rodrigo Garcia Alves, Paulita Pappel


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12049 Berlin
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