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Good fortune literally falls out of the sky in Pizzicata, set in southern Italy in 1943. A handsome Italian-American soldier named Tony Marciano is forced to parachute into rural Italy, near the place where he was born. He falls into the midst of a family including a beautiful, lonely young woman named Cosima. (...) Pizzicata makes the connection between emigration and war as two reasons that so many men in the region are missing. "America to us is pain", says Carmine. "It takes away our sons, like the war." Thus there is something gratifying in the ease with which Tony slips back into the gentle ways of his homeland, finding respite so easily.
(Janet Maslin, New York Times)

Edoardo Winspeare – Film Selection: La vita in commune
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Tribute 2018

Edoardo Winspeare

Italy / Germany 1996
35 mm / color
91 minutes

Paolo Carnera
Carlotta Cristiani
Dieter Desinger, Jérome Harlay, Giuseppe Napoli
Aldo Nichil, Officina Zoè
Cosimo Cinieri, Ines D'Ambrosio, Anna Dimitri, Chiara Torelli
Dieter Horres, Edoardo Winspeare


Classic, Horres Film, Süddeutscher Rundfunk
World Sales

Horres Film

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Edinburgh Film Festival 1996