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WIĘZI / Close Ties

WIĘZI / Close Ties

Barbara and Zdzisław couldn’t be more proud of themselves: Forty-five years of marriage makes an impressive anniversary. But eight years ago, the husband left his wife for his lover. Now, they are together again, and they celebrate their anniversary in a mixture of deep disappointment and true love.

ZOFIA KOWALEWSKA, born in 1995, studies directing at the Łódź Film School. Close Ties won the Award for Best Documentary at the Kraków Film Festival, a Special Jury Award at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2016, and was selected for Sundance Film Festival in 2017. // Films (selection): Więzi (Close Ties, 2016, short)

Cinema Next Europe 2017

Zofia Kowalewska

Poland 2016
18 minutes
OmeU / OV with engl. subtitles

Weronika Bilska
Jerzy Zawadzki



The Munk Studio, Warsaw