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In 2015 CROSSING EUROPE placed a focus on the “next generation” of European filmmakers together with the young talents initiative Cinema Next. Extremely well received by both the audience and the press, the section conceived as a platform for European-wide exchange and networking now goes into the second round. Here again, the focus is on discovering fresh voices and promoting young European cinema. “Striking” voices of young European film are presented in six hand-picked film programs: young filmmakers usually at the verge of a feature-length film debut, who present strong profiles with their current work.

The questions where is paradise, what is home, when do you feel like a stranger or at home, and what makes up a good life, are more acute than ever. Yet the answers to these questions remain complicated and often ambivalent. This year’s program selection shows young filmmakers’ views of these questions. The program invites the audience on an exciting journey of discovery, where we will encounter new talents as well as new perspectives of the state of Europe. The nuances of these perspectives and stories are just as complex as the biographical backgrounds of the young filmmakers.

Along with the presentation of a total of six film programs, this program section also includes a framework program, to which film students, emerging film, media & culture studies scholars, and young talents in the film branch are cordially invited. Plans include a panel discussion on the topic of “Wonderland. The State of Young European Cinema.” as well as networking meetings and informal talks.
Within the festival, CINEMA NEXT EUROPE is intended to establish a European platform for young talents in film. This section is addressed to all the filmmakers who want to go a step further in the direction of a professional “film career” as well as to an audience interested in the film work of the “next generation”. The section was curated by Wiktoria Pelzer & Dominik Tschütscher in cooperation with CROSSING EUROPE.

CINEMA NEXT EUROPE Discussion & Panel
Friday, 22 April, 4:00 pm, OK Deck
Wonderland. The State of Young European Cinema.
With: Izer Aliu (DET GODE LIVET, DER BORTE), Jan Gassmann (HEIMATLAND & EUROPE, SHE LOVES), Melisa Üneri (ISÄN TYTTÖ); Moderator: Dominik Tschütscher

// CINEMA NEXT EUROPE takes place in cooperation with “CINEMA NEXT – Young Cinema From Austria” and with support from Creative Europe Desk Austria – MEDIA. //

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