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With two film screenings CROSSING EUROPE is welcomed again this year by the renowned AEC Ars Electronica Center, thus continuing the successful collaboration from last year in both space and content.

The World Wide Web has meanwhile lost its aura of being a catalyst for a radical renewal of our democracy. Instead, we find ourselves confronted with a development in the direction of a surveillance tool antithetical to democracy. The German director Sandra Trostel starts at exactly this point and places Europe’s largest hacker association, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) – winner of the Golden Nica of the Prix Ars Electronica in 2010 – at the center of her documentary film ALL CREATURES WELCOME (DE 2018), which celebrates its world premiere during CROSSING EUROPE @ AEC. In this film designed as an “adventure game” Trostel succeeds in getting rid of conventional hacker cliches and exploring “Planet Nerd”. At the same time, it becomes clear how hacker culture faces the challenges of our times and can be an inspiration for possible social upheavals.

In addition, DEEP SPACE 8K works again as a festival venue, thus enriching CROSSING EUROPE with a further 3D-capable screening venue. This means that selected experimental films – DEEP SPACE EXPERIMENTAL LOCAL ARTISTS – from the current Local Artists program can be presented again this year with wall and floor projections, promising physical cinema in the truest sense of the word.

// Saturday, 28 April, 3:00 pm:
Film screening, discussion & guided tour in the AEC – documentary film ALL CREATURES WELCOME (91 min.), seminar room
// Sunday, 29 April, 3:00 pm: Film screening: Deep Space Experimental Local Artists (50 min.), Deep Space 8K