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CROSSING EUROPE | Art Prize of the Energie AG 2017

Since 2013 artistic projection works are showed on the exterior facade of the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter during the film festival CROSSING EUROPE, expanding it into an art space. The projects shown are taken from the CROSSING EUROPE | Art Prize of the Energie AG, which aims to further develop and promote an engagement with film/light in public space. The prize, awarded in 2017 now for the fifth time, is a project grant amounting to €4000 for an outdoor projection for an artist from Upper Austria, which the Energie AG OÖ awards in cooperation with the Art University Linz in conjunction with the film festival CROSSING EUROPE. As the third partner, the OK in the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter provides production means and technical assistance. Under the motto “the best idea wins”, a total of 16 artistic project were entered this year.

The winners of the CROSSING EUROPE | Art Prize this year are the media artists Christoph Frey (*1987) and Denise Mair (*1987), both from Linz, who are currently working on their masters degrees at the Art University Linz in the field of time-based media. The jury, consisting of Christine Dollhofer (Festival Director CROSSING EUROPE), Franz Prieler (art commissioner of the Energie AG), Genoveva Rückert (curator OK in the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter), Siegfried A. Fruhauf (artist/filmmaker), and Gitti Vasicek (Head of the Institute for Media/Art University Linz), unanimously found their project “Nähe*Distanz/Closeness*Distance” compelling because of its coherent engagement with the format of the facade projection during the film festival CROSSING EUROPE. No image will be seen twice during the course of the festival week. The roughly 42-hour projection runs through only once, and as it extends in time over six days, it offers an ongoing viewing value for festival visitors. The filmic event extends as a five-part projection across the facade. In the deceleration of the images, the contents arch between closeness and distance arising from this formal solution. In the approach of translating communication into movement, light, text and gestures, this work addresses the experience of cinema in a multifaceted way. Starting from the film projection without sound and the idea that sign language represents a communication form of its own through gaze and touch, the film also translates aspects of its own image language, which consistently carries the experience of sound further in light movements and rhythm.

// The realization and presentation of the winning project will take place with the coming edition of CROSSING EUROPE in April 2017 every day starting at sunset; the site of presentation is again the facade of the office building in the OK Square. //