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Kulturland retten

As a festival firmly anchored in Upper Austria and oriented to Europe, CROSSING EUROPE is seriously concerned about announcements regarding the direction that cultural policies in Upper Austria may take. Massive cuts in the cultural budget of the Federal Province of Upper Austria would mean more than “just” less money; this could result in the loss of the added value of art and culture in society at the same time. For this reason, CROSSING EUROPE supports the campaign to “Save Culture in Upper Austria”, “Rettet das Kulturland Oberösterreich” (https://kulturlandretten.at/) and the call for sustainable and balanced cultural policies in our federal province. This is needed for local providers and established cultural initiatives to flourish and also to continue to support young film talents.

The detailed statement from Festival Director Christine Dollhofer about this concern is available (in German) online at https://kupf.at/blog/den-guertel-nochmals-enger-schnallen.