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YAAAS! Competition

The YAAAS! Competition is an element of the new YAAAS! Youth program at CROSSING EUROPE with which we seek to establish a holistic program for film education, acquisition of media competence and DIY video production. YAAAS! is intended for youths between 15 and 20 who will get the chance to engage with international media professionals, learn new skills, see and discuss films, and present their own works within the framework of a professional film festival. Next to the film screenings, a youth jury, and a video project that lasts for multiple days, the YAAAS! Youth program also offers a series of practical workshops on April 30 that is intended for interested individuals, but is also suitable for school excursions. Details for the workshop program can be found HERE.

With the addition of the new YAAAS! Competition, CROSSING EUROPE now has a fourth competition section, the festival prize CROSSING EUROPE Award – Youth Jury – is endowed with a prize of € 2000,-. The YAAAS! Competition consists of current European productions that were selected by the YAAAS! Young Programmers. The five youths – Nora Einwaller, Anna Haderer, Sophie Rieger, Vanessa Wagenhammer, Milan Wegscheider – sighted a vast number of films over the past few weeks and decided upon six feature films, that deal with the living realities of youths and young adults in different ways. Additionally the Young Programmers will take over the introductions and the Q&A sessions during the YAAAS! film screenings and take care of the participants at the YAAAS! Workshops.

The following three YAAAS! Competition films will also be shown in special school screenings, for which the registration is already open. Details, synopsis, and links to the trailer, as well as school material (only available in German) for the introduction and follow-up of the films and the time at the festival can be found HERE.

  • Thursday, April 25: 10:15 am
    VŠECHNO BUDE / WINTER FLIES (CZ/SI/PL/SK 2018, R: Olmo Omerzu, 85 min) – feature film

  • Friday, April 26: 10:15 am
    POSLEDICE / CONSEQUENCES (SI/AT 2018, R: Darko Štante, OmU, 95 min) – feature film

  • Monday, April 29: 10:15 am
    SCHWIMMEN / SWIMMING (DE 2018, R: Luzie Loose, 102 min) – feature film